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Programme Details & Activities

Start Date
eventMon, 29 Apr 2024
End Date
Fri, 05 Jul 2024


CLM Masterton, Chill Out Kids Programme offers a safe, stimulating and child centered, fun environment for your school aged child. Our staff are experienced and qualified, and the programme is OSCAR and WINZ approved. Our programme caters for children aged 5-14 years old.


Before School Care:

  • Healthy breakfast provided 
  • Child centered fun games and activities
  • Drop-offs to school in time for the bell

$18.15 per child for Before School Care (6:45am - 9am), Van runs begin at 8.15am depending on runs. 


After School Care:

  • Pick up from School at designated spot
  • Healthy afternoon snack including a piece of fruit.
  • Homework club, reading, spelling, maths. 
  • Child Centered fun games and activities which are fully supervised.

$25.30 per child for After School Care (2:30pm - 5:45pm)


We are OSCAR and WINZ approved. Customers are advised to get these forms into us as soon as possible. No care will be approved until these have been completed before the child's start date. Once you have these completed, you are required to set up a direct debt for your weekly portion to pay if WINZ do not cover the full amount. Please note, this must be setup before any bookings can be approved. A $20 deposit is also required at time of booking so the bookings can be approved.

If you would like to discuss this, or even if you just want a chat, you can contact us via email at or you can call me on 027 467 7156.

Schools We Drop Off To and Collect From:

  • Masterton Intermediate School
  • Masterton Primary School
  • Solway School
  • Opaki School
  • St Patricks School
  • Te Kura kaupapa Maori o Wairarapa
  • Hadlow Prepatory School
  • Lakeview School
  • Fernridge School
  • Douglas Park School
  • Chanel College

Bus pick ups from 

  • Ponatahi
  • Gladstone
  • South End

If your school isn't on here, give us a call! We may be able to do the pick up from new schools if there is enough interest from parents. We are always looking at ways to improve our service.

Standard Pricing:

Before School Care: $18.15 per child (6.45am-8.45am)

After School Care: $25.30 per child (2.30pm-5.45pm)

A $20 deposit is also payable at time of booking or your bookings will not be approved.

We are WINZ and OSCAR approved. Please read the winz information below: 

1)      Check out the winz website regarding OSCAR (Out of school care) subsidies, there are certain criteria you must meet before applying. Click this link to take you to the page: how OSCAR subsidy works

  1. You must be working or studying to qualify for subsidy
  2. The amount you receive is directly related to

                                                               i.      The number of children in your care

                                                             ii.      Your income.

                                                            iii.      Winz will pay a maximum of 20 hours/week at $6.10/hour and 50 hours/week for holiday care. Check out the rates here: oscar-subsidy-current.

Please do not assume that Winz will cover the full cost of care.

2)      You will need to go into winz and collect the correct forms – you are applying for the OSCAR subsidy for term time care (Before and After school care) 

3)      Winz will give you a large pack – this pack needs to be completed by you, with all the required evidence attached

4)      There is a form at the back which will include a OSCAR SUBSIDY DECLERATION form – this is the only form we require. We are required to complete this part and in order to do so will need a booking in the system- Chill Out Kids booking

5)      You will need to return ALL the forms back to winz so they can process the application.

6)      You should receive a letter or correspondence through your MyMSD account which will detail the outcome of your application. It should tell you if you have been successful or not, and if so, how much you are entitled to.

                            i.      Sometimes they my require further details – you must ensure you submit these as soon as possible.

7)      Depending on the amount you receive from winz will depend on if you will need to make top up payments to cover your care.

e.g. you book in for 5 x after school cares a week at $25.30/day. That’s $126.50/ week for care (20 hours at  $25.30/$6.38).

Winz have accessed that you are entitled to 15 hours of care or  $95.60 week based on your income.

You will need to set up a direct debit into our account for $31.90 / week to cover the difference.

Failure to; or a delay in completing the forms, supplying additional information or hand in  the forms may result in your application missing the cut off date. If this happens you will be required to pay for the full cost of care.

Some people find it easier to pay smaller amounts into our account weekly to help cover additional costs in the holidays.

Due to the cost of travel and activities in the holidays, our weekly care cost is sometimes higher then the subsidy amount available.

You have the options here of not booking for every day, to help manage that cost. However if you need a full week of care and you know that the subsidy will not cover the full amount then smaller payments throughout the year can help manage this. We just apply those payments as account funds in to your Chill Out Account so you can use them against future programmes.

Account details are:

Name: Masterton Leisure Limited

Number: 03-0275-0485721-00

Ref: ASC/BSC/HP + child’s name

We hope this information helps, if you have any questions regarding winz, please contact them in the first instance. If you have questions relating to the cost of the programme and winz please do get in touch with us.